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Family Law

Can I get maintenance or alimony?

I was just served with papers for divorce or paternity. What is going on?
What is involved in a divorce or paternity case?
Can my ex take my kids away from me?
How much will child support be?
How will we divide our property and debts?
Can I get maintenance or alimony?
My ex is not following the parenting plan. What can I do?
How can I change my parenting plan?

In Missouri alimony is known as maintenance and reflects the duties of spouses to support one another. In certain circumstances, the court may order one spouse to make payments to the other in such an amount as the court deems fair under the circumstances of the case.

For instance, if one spouse stays at home with the kids while the other builds a career, then the court will likely order the spouse with the career to make some payments to the other so that the spouse who stayed at home can have the opportunity to get employment and start his or her own career.

You should keep in mind, however, that the court does not often award maintenance and when it does it often limits the award. If both spouses are healthy and capable of obtaining employment, the court will not likely enter an award of maintenance, but instead will expect that both spouses can meet their own needs.