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Family Law

How can I change my parenting plan?

I was just served with papers for divorce or paternity. What is going on?
What is involved in a divorce or paternity case?
Can my ex take my kids away from me?
How much will child support be?
How will we divide our property and debts?
Can I get maintenance or alimony?
My ex is not following the parenting plan. What can I do?
How can I change my parenting plan?

In order to change your parenting plan you must first show that a substantial change in circumstances which would require a change to your plan. In other words, what makes you want to change your parenting plan?

If you can show that there is a substantial change in circumstance, you will need to file a lawsuit and have the other parent served. If you and the other parent can agree on a proposed change, then the lawsuit will be nominal. If there is some disagreement, then parties will litigate the case as if it were a divorce or paternity, except the only issues would be whether the parenting plan should be changed and how should it be changed.

If you have an issue with your parenting plan, you should discuss it with an attorney. At Baker Legal Services, we can help you decide whether your parenting plan should be modified or explore other potential options to address your situation. Contact us to see how we can help you.